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The Connect Dot Management team is designed to act as an extension of your business. Our commitment to customer service is what sets us apart.  Our expertise in the Corporate and Public sectors and our attention to detail will ensure your event is successful, seamless, and cost-effective while saving you time and internal staff resources.
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We ensure your business goals are achieved and exceeded. Accountable, from concept to completion

Whether an event is being used to increase brand awareness, celebrate or enhance customer loyalty; the event must operate as one complimentary piece within a strategic plan. Our company strives to better the communities we work in and have built an exceptional network of strong relationships with local/regional vendors.

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What we do.

Initiating Events

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We work with our clients to understand their core business objectives and from there we work together to develop a comprehensive event-based marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

Being strategic and creative is what you want in your management team and this is what we deliver.

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Each event starts with a business plan, a schedule and a budget to ensure that your foundation of success is imminent. The best part, our team integrates with your team so you feel like they are sitting in the office next to you. We will ensure your success every step of the way

Our purpose is to bring your ideas to life and drive your vision forward. Our experience with events and our existing relationships in the community with save you both time and money.

Event Execution

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Our capable team handles everything including venue selection, program management, VIP management, delegate registration and database management, as well as on-site staffing and management. You don’t have to do a thing.

Event ROI

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We are committed to every step of the event management process including the tasks required once the event is over. We reconcile budgets, report key metrics and review our success in achieving your original business objective. We ensure every event produces tangible return on investment.

Event Marketing & Technology Solutions

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Graphic Design Services
Content & Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Online Event Application Design & Management
Online Registration

We focus on you and your needs.
Your goals are our priority.

Our team is your greatest asset, let us show you why.

Partnerships work and can save you money!
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Holly Doty, CMP
President & Senior Strategist

Meaghan Holder, CMP

Managing Director

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Meghan Anderson

Finance & Administrative Officer

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Penny Ling

Creative and Graphic Designer

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