by Jeffrey Reed

It has been 10 years since Holly Doty incorporated Connect Dot Management. Today it is a leading corporate event planning and marketing company that counts clients from a myriad of businesses in the corporate and public sectors across Ontario and beyond.

During the past decade, Meaghan Holder, an event and project strategist, has been a vital part of the company’s growth every step of the way. She was recently named Connect Dot Management’s Vice President and company shareholder.

“We work in an industry that brings people together, and connecting people with a shared common goal is the core of our business model. It’s a passion that has been with me for as long as I can remember,” said Holder.  “I’m thrilled to be continuing my career with Connect Dot Management in this new role as Vice President, and beyond excited to support the company’s growth and continued success “

The promotion marks the latest for the company that has seen rapid growth in the industry over the last decade, even though the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holder explained, “At Connect Dot, we embraced the challenges faced during the past few years, and ensured our existing model adapted during an uncertain time for our clients, as we evolved to deliver a new business model.”

The result? Connect Dot Management launched Studio 180, an ideal service for any production that requires high-quality video and audio that also allows virtual and hybrid event models. They grew exponentially and delivered more virtual and in-person events since the start of the pandemic. They also delivered an innovative approach to Airshow London by producing a drive-in model called SkyDrive. SkyDrive was the only airshow in Canada in 2020, and in 2021 was named the Best Air Show in North America by USA Today.

Holder’s enthusiasm for Connect Dot Management’s growth, and concurrently the success of its clients through event management, is not easily contained. In fact, that’s what makes her such an important part of the company, Doty explained.

“Since Meaghan joined my team in 2012, she has actively participated in the growth of the company and has helped to make decisions that moved us forward into the successful business we have today,” said Doty, Connect Dot Management’s President and CEO.

“Meaghan shows so much loyalty, commitment and leadership. Our personal and professional values are so aligned that it makes working together so rewarding. As I celebrate the past 10 years’ growth and success, I can only imagine what can be done in the next 10 years by promoting such an outstanding individual to the forefront of the company’s leadership and strategic visioning.”

Live and virtual event experts, Connect Dot Management is accountable from concept to completion, ensuring that clients’ business goals are achieved. Through event marketing, the company assists in creating or growing your business brand through the development and execution of strategic campaigns. And with a graphic design department at Connect Dot Management, they assist in creating professional impressions.